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From District Chairman Lynne

Conference report
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District Chairman 2017/2018

Lynne Evans MBE

Shepton Mallet

Inner Wheel District 20

There are approximately 661 members in 24 Clubs in District 20 situated in Somerset and parts of Dorset and Wiltshire

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Welcome to the Inner Wheel District 20 Web-site

Whether a frequent visitor or your first time here please do browse through the news, the photos, the events and even the dedicated pages i.e. Secretary, this will introduce you to the enormous variety of activities that engage and inspire our members across the District, and indeed further afield to our national association covering Great Britain and Ireland, and then journey on across the globe as Inner Wheel Clubs are active in over 110 countries worldwide.

2018 will see the next International Inner Wheel Convention our hosts will be Melbourne Australia. I attended the 2015 event in Copenhagen, and what an experience! If anyone ever had any doubt of the strength, wisdom and enthusiasm shown by women across the globe with one aim being Service above self and friendship from which all other wonderful benefits of Inner Wheel flow. As we come to the end of an Inner Wheel Year in June 2017 the message from Yemi (International President) ‘Touch a Heart’ reaches everyone and for 2017/2018 message by the new IIW President Kapila Gupta ‘Leave a lasting legacy’ gives me enormous hope for Inner Wheel and I am so privileged to be your District Chairman and to represent those in District 20 unable to attend Convention to carry your votes and wishes by proxy next April.

This will be the last year of the three year project by IIW where Districts, Clubs and National Governing Bodies such as Great Britain and Ireland work within the banner of Happier Futures, Better Lives and GB & I supporting Young Carers, it seems to me that this is an ideal charity with which to give a final push, a charity close to many hearts and supported in partnership with Rotary.

Moving to Somerset in 1999, some would say I was returning to my roots as I was brought up in Bristol, but have since have lived north, south, and certainly in west (Wales) both with my parents and since marrying Keith in 1971. It was this move after many that introduced me to Inner Wheel, Keith already a Rotarian hence an invite to the Inner Wheel Club in Shepton Mallet Christmas meal…. A few years down the line and several club posts later I was scooped up and encouraged to become your District Secretary, a role I loved as it introduced me to so many of you through the clubs, inter-clubs, district meetings and the whole structure of our organisation, so just one more step then and here I am as your District Chairman, a role I know I’m going to cherish.

I have listened to many of your comments and thoughts over the years and I hope that those views will now be reflected in this coming year as I hope to serve you in the clubs and with your chosen charities, but above all in the friendship that unites us as we inspire, enjoy and care for those around us whether members, friends or strangers, after all a stranger is a friend you’ve yet to meet.

Enjoy Inner Wheel, enjoy the friendship and remember I am just an email, a phone call away, and I’m always up for a coffee over which to chat!

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Lynne’s Speech to Rotary 1200 Annual Conference 2017

District Governor Stewart, Distinguished Guests, Rotarians, Members of Inner Wheel.

Having been introduced to you all in the initial programme for this conference as an Olympic Archer, it seems appropriate to take you on a short journey through that world from a school girl of 14 joining an archery club and being selected aged 18 as a member of the British World Championship Team in 1967. Breaking a World Record in 1970 I was amongst the top 5 women in the world heading to the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.

My Olympic career had begun, following those Olympics I took a 12 year break with family and husband Keith moving, as Bankers do around the country I returned to the sport and began to be involved with the admin side of things but also re-gained my position in the British Team.  All that lead to election to the Britain Olympic Association as a member of the Executive and to the World Governing Body for Archery (The IOC had advised the Council that to remain an Olympic Sport they needed to ensure that women and current athletes were on the Governing Body, in one fell swoop they had their token woman and athlete! I leave it up to you to decide on the description - Token

The journey continued with my role in the 2005 Bid to host the Olympic Games in London, after numerous International duties and six Olympic Games a 40 year adventure came to an end in 2012 as a Games Maker! I admit that I said to Keith – that after 40 years of Marriage – to Archery & Me! Its time to put us first – and then came along ……

Moving from Mid-Wales in 1999 to Somerset to be nearer family but also to reduce my travelling to international archery and Olympic events opened a new chapter.

As the wife of a Rotarian, I was invited to meet the ladies of the Inner Wheel Club of Shepton Mallet, what a great way to settle into a new community – as our sons had flown the nest and set up lives of their own, meeting friends at the school gate was no longer the way into a new social life.  

Inner Wheel changed all that.  Club roles followed, having been a bank clerk the obvious one was Treasurer, then Club President and attending District events and Conferences.   Having put my head above the parapet I was scooped up to the District Executive Committee in 2011 to be District Secretary and step by step elected to being District Chairman, a huge honour not only to work and support our clubs in District 20, but also this year to work side by side with Stewart your Rotary District Governor

My travels were not over as in 2015 as IW D20 District Secretary I attended the IIW convention in Copenhagen it was there that the true scale of the work, dedication and inspiration by Inner Wheel members and clubs across 110 countries worldwide hit home.

I mentioned Copenhagen in 2015! Our next Convention will be in Melbourne in April 2018, and there I’m looking forward to attending work-shops and even coping with Proposals and Amendments!   This is all similar to the experience I know that Stewart and his wife June will already have witnessed at  Rotary International in preparation for this very special year for them both.  Stewart urges us to Act Locally and Impact Globally whilst IIW asks us to ‘Leave  a Lasting Legacy’;

Hand in hand Rotary GB & I and Inner Wheel we can ‘Make a Difference’. But so often  we are asked What is Inner Wheel? Do we need to re-brand? No – but reflect a moment:  Eve from Adams Rib – so Inner Wheel under the inspiration of Marguerite Golding in 1924 began it’s journey and like all journeys it’s evolved along the way -  we are Partners and we are proud to be partners of Rotary.  Partnerships are happening all the time in our Clubs and now:

I want to announce a District 20 Mission at home and abroad. To empower a girl is to empower a community! School in a Bag. 25% of a girls education when she reaches puberty is lost due entirely to local culture and limited or no hygiene products. She can’t go to school.

Water Survival Box – Families who have lost everything receive these boxes – I know I have helped pack them.. and even I forgot about the fundamental issue that faces the mother / wife / daughter of such a family unit – lost everything but holding together the family and – you get your period!

We in District 20 will address our Clubs at their Meeting on 2nd November with the pilot for this mission. We want to work in partnership with the key Rotary Charities in Rotary District 1200. We will find a way to ensure that 25% of the lives of these women and young girls are no longer an issue – a full life awaits.  At home we will work along side charities dear to Rotary hearts _ Children’s Hospices South West and Young Carers

But to conclude- and taking inspiration from Catherine Johnson – of Mamma Mia fame I’ve gone for joined up thinking and working in partnership

To look back for a moment to 2016 with  Rotary Can, - where are you John and IIW Touched a Heart,  we’re being implored by Stewart   To act locally impact globally,    and so we move on to 2017 with IIW Leave a Lasting Legacy through to Rotary : Make Difference

Here we go……………..

Rotary Can Act Locally Impact Globally, with Inner Wheel we will Touch a Heart, and Leave a Lasting Legacy, that will together  Make A Difference!

A week in the life of an Inner Wheel District Chairman!

2 Dinners   3 lunches and it’s only Thursday!

We hear so often about the privilege of office – well this week has demonstrated that to the full. I’ve visited Inner Wheel Clubs of Bath & Frome for their ‘official visits’ from the District Chairman.  I was invited to The Quantocks joint Inner Wheel & Rotary Lunch to hear Alan Griffiths of Wrington Vale Rotary and his amazing war time experiences which as part of the Normandy D Day landings was awarded in 2016 the Legion d’Honeur by the French Government.  At 93 years of age Alan stood for 40 minutes to deliver in a clear and strong voice the story of his war – along side Alan sat  Margaret  known to so many of you as a former District Chairman PHF & a Marguerite Golding recipient. It was a privilege to be there.

Then moving swiftly on the Wellington InterClub – 92 ladies and one gentleman (Rotarian Mike Webb – President of Wellington Club) to hear – The Pearl Lady – as she is known by those who have heard her talk and lusted – the only word at the array of pearls – wow.

Next day A Charter Lucnh – Congratulations to Westbury 60 years of fund and friendship, serving the community with members some of whom have been with the club nearly as long ! well 48 / 49 years if I am correct.

Next week – The Rotary District 1200 Conference! Watch this space

The Quantocks

 A lovely evening spent with members and a 5 course Christmas Dinner served by the ladies of the Pheonix Centre in Watchet!

Glastonbury & Street

 This was a fabulous Christmas Thespian Sketch - all about Health & Safety for Santa Claus - Avril Berry was the H & S Manager, and Nikki Denning Santa Claus.

International Convention

See what Lynne has been doing in Melbourne