I wish you, your family and friends the joy and anticipation of the New Year and may it bring peace, good health, and happiness to you and yours.

The start of a new year, but for all of us it marks the halfway point of our year, and already I’m impressed, humbled, thrilled and encouraged by all that you and your clubs do in the name of Inner Wheel fun, friendship and fundraising.

You’ve really taken to your hearts the community spirit of Food Banks, for many Clubs, it’s been a continuation of the work that you were already doing – Thank you.

I’ve visited Charlton Farm – the Childrens Hospice (CHSW) near Wraxall with Kelly from Burnham on Sea, and was delighted that the staff were already aware of the initiative by Liz Thomas to support the Childrens Hospice Movement locally, I’m pleased to announce that a speaker from  Julia’s House (Devizes Childrens Hospice which was opened by Martin Clunes in May 2017) will be a speaker at out March District Meeting.  On that note, many of you have been kind enough to comment very favourably on the District Meeting at Oake Manor, and the range of stands  including the District Shop of course, and wonder as there is plenty of space at Haynes Motoor Museum if any Club would like to promote their projects – I think no more than 4 or 5 tables, so if you are interested, first come first booked – let me know!

Whilst writing this seems a good point to raise the importance of supporting your own club with officers, new or re-cycled! And to mention the vacancies for the District Officers – Janet our hardworking Secretary has already sent out the nomination forms for both your Clubs and District -  please remember that  a shared role can be inspirational in allowing more time to do the job – I’ve seen very successful shared Club roles working extremely well on my visits so far.

Visits to Clubs – a seemless link there: Thank you to those I’ve met so far 12 down 13 to go, and I’ve already covered the far reaches of the District from Weymouth to The Quantocks, Bath & Warminster and many nearer my home, I sound like a broken record as all my predecessors have made the same comments, the welcome you give your District Officers (I love being accompanied by other Executive Officers) is fabulous and generous to a fault, and the insprational ways that you weave fundraising and social events together is a credit to you all.

Talking of Inspiration, again your response to World Inner Wheel day and all that you have planned to celebrate the day with frugal lunches, thinking days, kintting premature baby hats visits to local residential homes is amazing, I’m hoping that the service at St Peters and St Pauls in Shepton Mallet that morning will be another example of all that we do in the name of Inner Wheel, I’m delighted that District Governor Stewart and his wife June will be joining us and we will have the opportunity to present the other half of the profit from the Harvest Supper to Young Carers, Judy Raisen whom you may remember from Carol’s year will also be present.  Please if you haven’t yet decided to attend, come along for an hour of your time on WIWD and share the friendship – plenty of space for all.

In anticipation of the forthcoming events – some serious stuff for the IIW Convention proposals and amendments on 25th January at Compton Dundon, the District Meeting, and Bournemouth Conference all before Easter and then my trip to Melbourne to represent you, and your views in April, with the final months filled with  Inter-Clubs, Sports Days and Skittles Finals and the International Picnic with more news on Mission 2020 Empower a Girl and you Empower a Community – 2018 looks set to be Inner Wheel at its best!

And finally

May love increase,

May all cares cease,


May all the World Rejoice in Peace

With Inner Wheel Friendship

Yours, as ever


District Chairman, District 20.