District 20 – Clubs 25 Proxy Votes and the District 20 Vote  = 26

Voting sheet for Proposals to Convention 2018 – Melbourne

Votes & Proxy Votes: 3995. 2/3rds Majority required = 2664

Proposal No. For Against Invalid Carried / Lost Other comments

Proposal   1   3564 124 31 Carried Clarifies duties of International GB

Amendment to Proposal 2 2437 1293 56 Lost Original proposal stands

Proposal  2   3504 206 0 Carried Arbitration by Exec Board

Proposal  3   2565 1421 - Lost 2/3rd Majority Required

Proposal  4   3653 139 5 Carried Members to carry qualifications to new District  

Proposal  5   3598 192 2 Carried Clarifies Role of National Representative

Proposal  6  (not for GB&I) 459 83 267 Carried For Information only! Invalid votes from those clubs without  NGB

Proposal  7   3709 25 3 Carried Re: Accounts, actual practice but needed to update the constitution

Proposal  8   3608 54 5 Carried Naming a new club

Proposal  9   1749 1983 1 Lost The Emblem (Logo) Branding guidelines on the IIW Web-site

Amendment to  Proposal 10 3475 302 1 Carried Amended proposal includes maximum of 4 HM at any one time

Proposal  10   3527 286 14 Carried  

Proposal  11   3663 131 1 Carried Transfer between clubs – already in practice updates constitution

Proposal  12   2895 377 14 Carried A member taking a grievance to a Court of Law  

Proposal  13   789 2992 3 Lost Qualifications for Editor not in line with those needed for the Exec Board

Proposal  14    1425 2004 1 Lost Too complicated, needed to be split into 3 proposals

Proposal  15   1176 2699 10 Lost Undemocratic re election to Board of Directors

Proposal  16   2366 1505 0 Lost 4 years between a Country nominating a VP or P

Proposal  17   1119 2897 1 Lost Adding in the word consecutive  

Proposal  18   751 3057 1 Lost 2 Board Meetings a year

Amendment to   Proposal 19 2447 1065 1 Carried  

Proposal  19      WITHDARWN France withdrew the proposal following the vote for the amendment was carried – status quo – no change

General Motion  20 1855 1991 3 Lost (simple majority) Clubs in schools

Results of the voting for proposals, amendments and General Motion.  Readers may wish to refer to the proposal book, or check the IIW Web-site where all the voting, presentations and speeches will be posted. – Lynne Evans District chairman & Diana Keen (IW Club of Wells) – 13th April 2018

International Convention Melbourne 2018

In and around Melbourne

A good start to the Convention with Association President Liz Thomas as one of the speakers at the Symposium this afternoon excellent too

Diana and I have just returned from the start of convention the Banner Exchange. Well Kate Lewis kindly gave me some of last year's cookery books and here we are Diana and me with the IIW President Dr Kapila Gupta and one of our Recipe Books.

The Flame of Friendship is very clever about 20 foot tall at the side of the stage not real flame, but electronic which flutters along with the word Friendship fading in and out of the Flame


This evening there is a progressive dinner along the South Wharf of the Yarra River – just 2000 of us! Might be a crush!

Please find attached the results of the voting for the proposals and amendments at Convention.  Much more efficient than in Copenhagen, one feels it may be that the number of amendments were reduced to just one per proposal when many may have been submitted? we've no proof, of course.  

The session on Thursday afternoon, contained reports from the Editor, the Treasurer, Christine Kirby Vice President with responsibilities for the non-districted clubs and Past Presidents Yemi & Charlotte and of course Kapila, the point in the Agenda for the proposals began at 3.15 through to 4.20.  Today (Friday) morning session lasted 3 hours and virtually all the proposals had been presented.  Results of voting came after lunch.  It was at this point with time in the agenda that the floor was open to a forum on the future format of the Convention, which results in some good comments, and definitely an atmosphere ready for change! - Watch this space.

The Opening ceremony was very good, this afternoon reports and official business (just like home!) and now the Proposals and Amendments! More tomorrow.

The Friendship Dinner on the South Bank of the Yarra River was excellent, with lots of opportunity to talk to different members, enjoy a variety of food, and drinks, well done to the organisers.

The Gala Dinner is tonight and the closing ceremony on Saturday afternoon - so more reports after that.

The Melbourne Cup celebrated at the IIW Gala Dinner. Great evening super table companions. Great Company with Di and me doing our bit to promote District 20.

The Closing Ceremony and the announcement of the Incoming IIW President Christine Kirby. Her Logo of the symbol for a woman with the IW logo Empower and Evolve.

The 3 year social project:    Caring for Women and Girls.

The 2021 Convention will be in Jaipur The Pink City in India.


So thrilled to see in one powerpoint from the presentation of the 'Way Forward' 'our' School in a Bag!  There was a real atmosphere for change as I mentioned previously and the theme continued based on 'Enough' and 'Me Too' which has led Christine Kirby incoming International President (Inner Wheel Club of Sydney West) to create her logo for 2018 2019 as the Inner Wheel as part of the symbol for women, with the strap line empower and evolve, which together with the three year project announced as 'Caring for Women & Girls' is a perfect fit for District 2020 Mission to empower a girl will empower a community, I'm thrilled with the synergy of this!

Fantastic Closing Ceremony, so much will be on the new IIW Web-site, including the result of the poetry competition. A great MC in Celebrity Jean Kittson, solo performance from soprano Suzanne Shakespeare.

Dr Kapila Gupta was wonderful in her closing remarks with a superb phrase

'we move from the experience (of our time in Melbourne, the friendships the inspiration) into memories!

So anyone who is even half tempted to start saving for the 2021 Convention - get those pennies into the dream pot and make the dream a reality! attending convention is the pinnacle of all that is Inner Wheel, and for me it has been a privilege to represent District 20 here in Melbourne, I hope I've done you all proud and served you well!

Finally: from the chorus (slightly amended) of I Am Australian:

We are one, but we are many

and from all the lands on earth we come

we share a dream and sing with one voice

'I am, you are, we are Inner Wheel'

Yours in friendship  Lynne